Weekend Creations 2/28


Silly fun & Cricut Wood Cuts

I found these cute fish from an old vintage go fish magnet game and paired them with some decorative dominoes and I just love them! Super silly and super fun to make. 

Cutting wood pieces with my Cricut is a process 😭😂…I had some success and some failures but did end up with some workable pieces. I also got to try out my wood burning tool. I love that smell 😍, it reminds me of summer campfires. In addition to inducing a craving for smores and warm weather, it fancied up the edges of the shapes I created. I’m really liking the basswood look, it’s clean and helps the jewelry pieces stand out nicely. It’s also thick enough to hold up to the extremely strong Neodymium magnets.

If you spot something in this set that you’d love to have, send me a message! [getting them listed may take a while]

All the best,

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